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700 Constitution Blvd.
New Kensington, PA 15068

 Office: 724.625.3181
 Plant: 724.335.1155
 Fax: 724.625.9420

Metalworking Machinery Company
Providers of Shot Blast Equipment, Blast Cleaning Equipment, and Metal Surface Cleaning Equipement

Years of experience go into our rebuilt, remanufactured, or new machines from Metalworking Machinery Company.

  • Over 50 Years Experience
  • Creative Engineering
  • Computer Control
  • Standard Off-The-Shelf Replacement Parts
  • Outstanding Record for Repeat Customers
  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Providers of ...
    • Shot Blast Equipment
    • Blast Cleaning Equipment
    • Metal Surface Cleaning
Shot Blast Cleaning Equipment - Refurished Shot Blast Metal Working Machine  
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Metalworking Machinery Company
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Office: 724.625.3181
Plant: 724.335.1155